fbpx Public Finance in a Complex World: Who Should Apply | Harvard Kennedy School

Public Finance in a Complex World is designed to bring together senior officials tasked with designing and implementing reform initiatives in their countries. Leaders with responsibility for budgets, internal or external audits, and financial controls in Ministries of Finance and line agencies, as well as legislative branches of government, will benefit from this program.

Recommended applicants include:

  • Budget directors
  • Budget officers
  • Treasury specialists
  • Government accounting officers
  • Planners
  • Internal/external auditors
  • Procurement specialists
  • Parliamentarians involved in budget processes
  • Private sector consultants and members of international organizations working in these areas

Participants from the United States and other developed countries will also find benefit in this program as many of the frameworks taught, including problem-solving, collaboration, and being a change agent can be applied across geographical boundaries.