Public Narrative: Leadership, Storytelling, and Action is for:

  • Elected public officials
  • Senior leaders in government
  • NGO and Nonprofit leaders
  • Leaders of civic, social, and political organizations
  • Individuals leading advocacy groups or other social movements
  • Teachers, artists, leaders in healthcare, public health and education

“Many insights have emerged from my personal experiences of learning, utilizing, and teaching others Public Narrative as part of my research. Great questions and insights surfaced - especially on the value Public Narrative can add as a ‘leadership practice for leading change through action’ within communities such as mine (African) that have a very deep and rich tradition of storytelling.

If you are passionate about leading change by inspiring others to cultivate the courage to enable change through action, this course is for you.”

- Kerubo Abuya, PhD
Activist & Change Leadership Scholar-Practitioner