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Senior Executive Fellows helps promising top-level managers like you gain the skills needed for practical, effective leadership. The curriculum incorporates the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) for Senior Executive Service (SES), focusing on skill development in the areas of negotiation, persuasion, problem resolution and decision making.

During this intensive four-week program, you'll immerse yourself in classroom lectures, problem-solving, simulations, role playing, group exercises and team building experiences. Senior Executive Fellows also makes extensive use of the case study method pioneered at Harvard. You'll analyze real-world situations—including those submitted by current and previous program participants—that place you in the role of decision maker.

You'll explore issues such as cooperative versus competitive interactions with governmental agencies, political appointees, the media, as well as private sector organizations and individuals. Through analysis of the experience and interactive discussions about the critical choices made by key players along the way, you'll gain valuable insights, training and practice in making challenging leadership decisions about actual situations in real time.

The Senior Executive Fellows curriculum will help you to:

  • Identify and analyze the challenges and opportunities facing your organization—and master them both politically and technically.
  • Develop strategic plans of action using communication, negotiation and coalition-building skills.
  • Manage the tensions between long-term policy goals and short-term political pressures.
  • Create an organizational environment that is responsive to change, but also true to its purpose and tradition.
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