Senior Executives in National and International Security is an intensive two-week program convening senior security officials from around the world.

The program format will consist of formal classes, discussion groups, interactive seminars, exercises, guest speakers and informal conversations with faculty, colleagues, classmates and staff. The range of interactions—from traditional academic learning activities to more intimate discussions and discourse—provide you with a well-rounded, hands on educational experience.

The Senior Executives in National and International Security curriculum will explore:

  • The global threat of terrorism
  • International security policy analysis
  • Global economic issues and their impact on national economic policies
  • Regional security issues from around the globe
  • Global security threats, such as terrorism, drug-trafficking and illicit finance
  • Negotiation and leadership
  • Nontraditional missions and interventions
  • Civilian-military relations
  • Ethics, morality and professional responsibility
  • National security and the media

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