Senior Managers in Government is designed for senior-level public leaders who wish to expand their professional and personal capabilities.

Recommended applicants include:

  • Elected, appointed and senior career officials in the Senior Executive Service
  • Senior-level military officials (General Officer level)
  • International counterparts to the above (roughly half of participants come from outside the U.S.)
  • Congressional staffers
  • C-level executives in the corporate and nonprofit sectors

All participants will have the unique opportunity to gain global perspectives on public policy and management, strengthen their leadership skills and gain new insights in managerial practice, while learning and working with other high-level executives.

Specific Benefits:

  • International participants will learn about management systems and methods whose relevance transcends national borders taught in a broadly applied U.S. context.
  • Private-sector participants will have an unparalleled opportunity to gain perspectives on decision making within government, sharpen their leadership skills and capabilities and share their understanding of the corporate world.
  • Nonprofit-sector participants will examine best practices in public sector management, share insights on their unique agency demands and needs and learn alongside executives facing similar concerns in different arenas