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Are you leading effectively?

We are all exerting leadership all the time, even if we are not managing staff or at the top of an organization. If you need to get people to implement a new change, align your team to a common goal, or even persuade a colleague to go along with an idea, you are leading. The problem is, many of us exercise leadership in reactive mode, dealing with each issue as it arises, and not acting intentionally or strategically.

Strategic Leadership: Enhancing Your Personal Effectiveness is an online executive program designed to give you the cutting-edge tools you need to take your leadership effectiveness to the next level.

Hear from Faculty Chair Robert Wilkinson

Robert Wilkinson discusses the upcoming online program Strategic Leadership: Enhancing Your Personal Effectiveness

This one-week program introduces the “4P Framework” of leadership developed by Faculty Chair Robert Wilkinson and features experts and scholars from across Harvard University. The four leadership domains examined in this program include:                                                  

  • Perception: How we understand and interrogate information we receive. 
  • Process: How we engage with groups and teams.
  • People: The human and emotional impact on the people involved.
  • Projection: The story we tell ourselves and others about ourselves.

Focused on less obvious but no less important aspects of successful leadership, the interactive online program will translate the “4P” concepts into practical tools you can use repeatedly to improve the way you lead, make decisions, and interact with others.

Throughout Strategic Leadership, you and your global cohort of peers will:                                          

  • Gain greater insight into your own leadership style, habits, and disciplines
  • Gain new tools and resources to tackle future leadership challenges
  • Learn how to engage with people and groups that hold deeply differing views and perceptions
  • Learn how to understand and engage more effectively with teams and process management
  • Recognize and consider the human and emotional needs of people and the impacts that leaders may have on them
  • Refine your vision and narrative for yourself and for your followers, constituents, and community

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To read Rob Wilkinson's recent paper on Leading with Intentionality, visit this page.