Strategic Leadership in Government: Creating Public Value, previously known as Recovering the Public in Public Value: Strategic Management in Government is a two-day program in Washington, DC. Click here to view a sample schedule.

Led by Professor Mark Moore, the Strategic Leadership in Government curriculum focuses on four key areas:

  • Understanding the practice of creating public value to satisfy individuals and achieve social outcomes, and measuring value creation in terms of material well-being, justice and fairness
  • Using the strategic triangle to diagnose the political authorizing environment through which citizens express their aspirations and the task environment comprising the social conditions senior public managers are charged with improving
  • Recognizing individual citizens as the rightful authorizers of government, essential partners of government in producing public value, and "clients" who come to government with wants to be satisfied, needs to be met, rights to be vindicated, and duties they expect to be performed
  • Reimagining and redesigning individual encounters with government to help citizens see themselves as an integral part of a government "of, by, and for the people" and to encourage them to fulfill their multidimensional roles in the complex processes of democratic governance  

To help you understand and apply the concepts of this program to your specific professional situation, ample time for questions and small group discussions will be provided. After you return home, there will also be opportunities to further these discussions online.


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