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Strategic Leadership in Government: Creating Public Value

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Program Director: Caitlin Marquedant
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Location: This program is being held at the Institute of Peace in Washington, DC.
Program Fee: The program fee includes tuition and curricular materials and some meals. Housing is not included. Participants must find their own accommodations.

*This program was previously known as Recovering the Public in Public Value: Strategic Management in Government

In an era when citizens feel increasingly disillusioned with politics and government, the need for public managers to deliver public value has never been greater. Public-sector complexity and volatility, however, can make it difficult to meet this goal.

As dominant private-sector ideas about "good" management practices migrate into the public sector, those in government must:

  • Understand what is distinctly public about their work.
  • Separate public value from commercial value.
  • Adapt their practices to rapidly changing expectations, aspirations, and social conditions.

Help Create a Good and Just Society

Strategic Leadership in Government: Creating Public Value, previously known as Recovering the Public in Public Value: Strategic Management in Government is a two-day program in Washington, DC that provides the tools public managers like you need to diagnose your environment, think strategically about the value you can generate, and act with the public to use government assets—all in pursuit of creating a good and just society.

Public Value: Of, By, and For the People

In this webcast, Professor Moore reviews and elucidates the key concepts of public value theory with particular emphasis on how these ideas could help government strengthen its relationships with individuals throughout society. Click here for the accompanying analytic note.

During this intensive program, you will examine the role of individual citizens in authorizing, financing, and sparking government action. You also will explore how government can better engage individual citizens in democratic governance.

Incorporating the best thinking from the private and public sectors, the program will help you:

  • Analyze common scenarios to identify risks and opportunities more effectively.
  • Imagine a value-creating path to the future that is both feasible and legitimate.
  • Develop performance metrics to help monitor and adapt your ideas as you strive to improve value creation.