Led by Harvard Professor Malcolm Sparrow, Strategic Management of Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies investigates cases spanning a range of regulatory and enforcement domains, from the environment to public health to crime. Cases have been chosen based on their ability to provoke, illuminate, and define ubiquitous dilemmas and emerging approaches.

During the one-week program, you'll analyze and discuss cases that encompass multiple regulatory and enforcement fields, including:

  • Strategic management
  • The role of enforcement
  • Emerging compliance strategies
  • Organizational structure
  • Performance management
  • Information and analytic support

Each program participant will be expected to reflect on his or her professional experiences and share related insights in both small-group and class sessions. You'll leave the program with a deeper appreciation of the pressures that regulators face—and a greater understanding of potential responses. 

Strategic Management of Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies will explore:

  • The appropriate applications and limitations of applying the customer service model to regulatory agencies
  • Measurement of agency performance in terms of effects or impacts
  • The role enforcement outputs and compliance rates play in performance reporting
  • How agencies leverage innovative compliance-oriented tools without being perceived as going “soft” on violators
  • How partnerships can be structured to avoid compromising the enforcement deterrent
  • The constraints that should be imposed on the use of self-audit privileges, amnesties and immunity from inspection of prosecution
  • How agencies can learn to assess risks and set priorities among competing risks
  • How agencies understand and manage the relationships among preventive, proactive and reactive work
  • The budgetary support, analytic support and authorization required to support effective risk-control, problem-solving or compliance-management operations
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