Women and Power is an intense one-week program designed to help women advance to top positions of influence. The curriculum builds upon the extraordinary experience of Faculty Chair Hannah Riley Bowles, fellow program participants and other leadership experts.

In-class exercises, case studies, simulations and small-group discussions create a highly engaging learning environment. This format gives you and your peers the opportunity to work through real-life challenges while honing your analysis, communications and negotiations skills.

A focal point for sharing in the program is the peer feedback forum, “Board of Directors.” Each morning you'll gather in small groups to meet with your board and focus on individual issues and challenges. Through this daily discussion, you'll gain insight and guidance from your classmates on an array of leadership and management issues. The relationships you make in these groups will continue to be valuable sources of guidance after you return to your organizational role.

The Women and Power curriculum explores the multi-dimensional issues faced by women executives, focusing on:

  • New conceptual frameworks for thinking about leadership across public, nonprofit and corporate sectors
  • Challenging political and strategic management issues
  • Communication and negotiation skills
  • How the political process can be influenced
  • The comparison of lessons learned with women from diverse professional backgrounds and similar levels of career achievement
  • The latest research on women and leadership

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