Out of the classroom, into the field

As an MPA/ID student, you’ll spend the summer between your first and second years working on a development project, usually in a developing or transitional economy country other than your own.

The summer internship is a practical opportunity for you to test the skills you’ve learned during your first year in the MPA/ID Program and broaden your real-world perspective on development practice. You’ll use the internship to explore a new organization, substantive area of interest, or part of the world. You may decide to build on your internship experience for your Second Year Policy Analysis, the MPA/ID capstone paper.

Our students find internships in several ways. They may take advantage of the vast network of alumni and former internship sites around the world, apply for internships through formal programs (such as the World Bank Internship) or directly contact organizations that are interesting to them. Some internships are paid; others are not. Most of our MPA/ID students working for public or nonprofit organizations receive a grant to cover their costs. 

What some of our MPA/IDs are doing this summer

Ken Abante MPA/ID 2019Ken Abante MPA/ID 2019
Africa Team
Nairobi, Kenya
(Read more about Ken's summer internship HERE)


Joaquin Klot MPA/ID 2018Abdul Abdirahman MPA/ID, MBA (Stanford) 2020
NALA Money
Social Entrepreneurship
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
(Read more about Abdul's summer internship HERE)


Farah Hani MPA/ID 2019Farah Hani MPA/ID 2019
Government of Albania (CID Project)
Cabinet of the State Minister for Diaspora
Tirana, Albania


Clara Gianola MPA/ID 2019Clara Gianola Vilella MPA/ID 2019
Summer Associate
Bogotá, Colombia


Shomali, Yacoub.JPG

Yacoub Shomali MPA/ID 2019
World Bank
Tax Policy and Administration
Abuja, Nigeria