Many of our MPA/ID students point to the Second Year Policy Analysis (SYPA)—an integrative capstone paper—as one of the highlights of their Harvard Kennedy School experience.

You'll understand why when you read some recent award-winning SYPAs. Find them listed below:

The Role of Government: Promoting FDI Spillover in Mozambique
Yi Yang MPA/ID 2021
Four-Page Summary Brief

Innovation and Income Inequality: Creating a More Inclusive Economy in Germany
Lucas Kitzmüller MPA/ID 2021
Twitter Summary Brief

Scaling Farms to the Frontier: The Case of Non-Agricultural Exports in Perú
Luciana de la Flor and Damian Galinsky MPA/ID 2020
Four-Page Summary Brief

Improving Working Conditions for Domestic Workers in Chile
Kimberly Geronimo MPA/ID 2020
Four-Page Summary Brief

Minimizing Smuggling and Restoring Public Trust in the Philippine Bureau of Customs
Kenneth Isaiah Ibasco Abante MPA/ID 2019
Four-Page Summary Brief

Reshaping Beliefs to Promote Higher Female Labor Participation in Chile
Clara Gianola and Daniela Paz MPA/ID 2019
Four-Page Summary Brief

An Economic Framework for Venezuela’s Debt Restructuring
Thomas Moatti and Frank Muci MPA/ID 2019
Four-Page Summary Brief

Renewable Energy Auctions in Mexico: The Gap Between Design and Implementation
Carlos Andrés Guadarrama Gándara MPA/ID 2018
Four-Page Summary Brief

Exploring Barriers to Scale for Women Entrepreneurs in India
Niriksha Shetty MPA/ID 2018
Four-Page Summary Brief

Special Economic Funds Expanding Special Economic Zones Beyond Spatial and Industry Boundaries for the Development of Mexico's South
Angel Sarmiento Hinojosa MPA/ID 2017
Four-Page Summary Brief

Improving Conflict Early Warning Systems for United Nations Peacekeeping
Christy Lazicky MPA/ID 2017
Four-Page Summary Brief

Reducing Informality: Bridging the Gap Between the Two Mexicos
Alfonso de la Torre and Joaquin Rey MPA/ID 2017

Carbon Taxation in Developing Countries: Who Could and Should Raise Energy Taxes Now, and How?
Simon Black MPA/ID 2017

Tropeçar Não É Cair (Stumbling Is Not Falling)
Maria Carpanelli and Amanda Dawes MPA/ID 2016

Redesigning India's Urea Policy
Sid Ravinutala MPA/ID 2016

Sharing the Burden: Improving the Welfare of Nepal's Mountain Porters
Upasana Khadka and Boban Paul MPA/ID 2015

Educational Qualifications of Village Leaders in North India: Implications for Public Service Delivery
Jeffery McManus MPA/ID 2014

2018 SYPA award winners Niriksha Shetty and Carlos Andrés Guadarrama Gándara