Our alumni do development differently.

Around the world, Master in Public Administration in International Development (MPA/ID) graduates are in pivotal roles, leading development.

Inside governments and traditional development organizations, and outside the box in startups and social enterprises, MPA/IDs are changing the way development is done.

Our graduates hold influential policy and management positions in a wide range of international organizations, national governments, central and regional banks, nonprofit and research organizations, and private sector companies. 

Where do MPA/ID graduates work?

The majority of MPA/ID alumni work in public service, broadly defined. The national governments of their home countries (15%) and the World Bank (9%) are the two biggest employers. About forty percent of our alumni work in the private sector, in consulting, finance, technology, and other private firms. A growing number of our graduates go on to start their own social enterprises.

MPA/ID graduates, classes of 2001-2017
Public Service 60%
International Organizations 20%
Public Sector (Governments) 17%
Nonprofits 14%
Educational Institutions 6%
Social Enterprises/Start Ups 3%
Private Sector 40%
Consulting 14%
Financial 12%
Other  14%
Total 100%

 Biggest employers of MPA/ID alumni

  • Governments of home countries
  • World Bank
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • International Finance Corporation (IFC)
  • United Nations System
  • Center for International Development (CID), Harvard University
  • IDinsight
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Innovations for Poverty Action / Jameel Poverty Action Lab
  • McKinsey and Company
  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
  • Dalberg Advisors
  • JP Morgan Chase

    MPA/ID alumni include:

    MPA/ID graduate Amandla Ooko-OmbakaAmandla Ooko-Ombaka, MPA/ID, MBA 2016, an Engagement Manager in McKinsey’s Nairobi office, focuses on Public Finance Management and Public Sector Transformations.


    MPA/ID graduate Rodrigo SalvadoRodrigo Salvado, MPA/ID 2010, serves as Deputy Director, Development Policy & Finance at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, maximizing the allocation and delivery of external development finance for better health and human development.


    MPA/ID graduate Astrid PinedaAstrid Pineda, MPA/ID 2018, joined the Inter-American Development Bank’s Oversight and Evaluation Office as a Research Fellow through the Young Professionals Program.     


     MPA/ID alum Shannon DingShannon Ding, MPA/ID 2012, is an International Economist with the US Treasury’s Office of East Asia, where she focuses on China with respect to the financial sector, monetary policy, and exchange rate policy.


    MPA/ID alum Annie DufloAnnie Duflo, MPA/ID 2005, is Executive Director of Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA). Annie is responsible for leading the strategic directions of IPA, the implementation of its strategic plan and the day to day operations.

    Lori Systems Truck
    Alumni Spotlight

    “Industrialization is one of the key drivers to economic growth. Essentially every country has gone through this. And on the African continent, what is preventing industrialization? The answer is logistics.” - Josh Sandler MPA/ID, MBA 2016 (South Africa)

    Josh Sandler MPA/ID, MBA 2016
    Praava Health
    Alumni Spotlight

    "I am the Founder & CEO of Praava Health, which is building a network of family health centers in Bangladesh where patients come first. We are creating a better patient experience enabled by technology." - Sylvana Sinha MPA/ID, JD Columbia 2004 (USA)

    Sylvana Sinha MPA/ID & JD Columbia (2004)
    Alumni Spotlight

    "During my first month at Harvard, I attended a presentation where I heard Wendy Kopp speak about Teach For America and its 'theory of change.' I immediately contacted other friends from Chile interested in improving education, and together we discussed our vision for starting a similar program in Chile." - Tomás Recart MPA/ID 2008 (Chile) 

    Tomás Recart MPA/ID 2008 (Chile)
    View of Venezuela hilltops
    Alumni Spotlight

    "We are in the middle of the struggle of our lives, fighting for democracy and freedom in the streets. Hoping that the future will offer us the opportunity to pave the road to a more inclusive, sustainable, and democratic development process. In some sense, for me, being here right now is the realization of all the principles we were taught and all the dreams we dreamt while in the MPA/ID Program." - Omar Zambrano MPA/ID 2005 (Venezuela)

    Omar Zambrano MPA/ID 2005 (Venezuela)
    Heat Maps of Predicting Conflict
    Alumni Spotlight

    "Using machine learning for predictive analytics in peacekeeping has the potential to help peacekeeping forces more quickly and effectively make predictions about conflict, and thus deploy resources more rapidly to save lives." Christy Lazicky MPA/ID 2017 (USA)

    Christy Lazicky, MPA/ID 2017 Best SYPA Award Winner

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