Christina Fletes MPA 2016 wants to ensure that all Americans participate in the democratic process.


Aleem Ahmed MPA 2015 connects Ethiopian farmers with international markets.


Giffin Daughtridge MPA 2017 hopes a 3-inch plastic device will save thousands of lives.


Averil Spencer MPA 2017 works to empower adolescent girls in India through her program VOICE 4 Girls.


Adamas Belva Syah Devara MPA 2016's Ruangguru is the largest educational technology enterprise in Southeast Asia. 


Bob Manson MPA 2004 is, quite literally, not someone who runs from a challenge.


Rye Barcott MPA 2009 has set out to change the political culture in Congress by helping elect veterans.

No matter what our Master in Public Administration (MPA) graduates end up doing, their work reflects a common commitment to finding and creating solutions that influence societies and improve lives.

MPA graduates serve the public interest in leadership positions in their original professional fields or transition to careers in new fields or different sectors.

These positions include careers in government, at alternative energy firms, global development banks, nongovernmental organizations, multinational financial institutions, and leading strategic consulting firms. Whether in the public, nonprofit, or private sector, MPA graduates serve in positions that have public impact. They design and carry out new approaches to governance, using the skills they gained from the MPA Program to integrate across disciplines and sectors.

Our graduates turn ideas into action.

Aleem Ahmed MPA/MBA 2015 in EthiopiaOffice of Career Advancement and You

Learn how our Office of Career Advancement can be a partner to you while you are an MPA student and, later, as an HKS graduate like Aleem Ahmed MPA 2015, to support you along your unique career journey.