Microphone in recording booth
Alumni Spotlight

For Sam Sanders MPP 2009, the path to becoming a reporter with NPR in Washington and cohost of its Politics Podcast was not a straight one.

HKS graduate Sam Sanders sitting on a living room couch
Sam Sanders MPP 2009
Urban landscape
Alumni Spotlight

Micaela Connery MPP 2016 is working to build a residential community for adults with disabilities, and make inclusion a standard in housing.

HKS graduate Micaela Connery standing in front of framed portraits
Micaela Connery MPP 2016
People in Burundi sitting in front of an iPad
Alumni Spotlight

Allister Chang MPP 2015 ran a pilot for a mobile media toolkit used in Burundian refugee camps.

HKS graduate Allister Chang standing in the HKS courtyard
Allister Chang MPP 2015
I voted stickers
Alumni Spotlight

Maria Teresa Kumar MPP 2001 HKSEE 2004 is convincing public leaders the Latino vote matters.

HKS graduate Maria Teresa Kumar
Maria Teresa Kumar MPP 2001

These are just a few accomplishments of some of our Master in Public Policy (MPP) graduates, a versatile and competent group. They're purposeful and productive leaders of their communities and make important contributions at every level of government in countries around the world. They lead change in the public, nonprofit and private sectors—and many distinguish themselves in more than one of these sectors during the course of their careers.

More than 5,000 students have completed the MPP Program and have, quite simply, changed the world. You can be among them.

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