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Boston Harbor island and lighthouse
Kathy Abbott MC/MPA 1988 on the docks of Boston Harbor
Kathy Abbott MC/MPA 1988

Kathy Abbott MC/MPA 1988 leads an organization that protects the very same waters where she held one of her first jobs on the Boston Harbor Islands.

Market-goers in Southeast Asia
Jonathan Chang MC/MPA 2014 at Mount Everest Base Camp
Jonathan Chang MC/MPA 2014

Jonathan Chang MC/MPA 2014 focuses on being "authentic and persistent" to earn his team's trust as they tackle social inequality in Southeast Asia.

Abandoned building
Fayrouz Saad MC/MPA 2015
Fayrouz Saad MC/MPA 2015

An unabashed champion of her hometown of Detroit, Fayrouz Saad MC/MPA 2015 is making a difference thanks in no small part to a class she took at the Kennedy School. 

Nobel peace prize medal
Juan Manuel Santos MC/MPA 1981 accepts Nobel Peace Prize
Juan Manuel Santos

After winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos MC/MPA 1981 reflects on the lessons he learned at the Kennedy School.

Director of immigrant affairs for the city of Detroit

Secretary-General of the United Nations

President and CEO of Boston Harbor Now 

Nobel Peace Prize winner

Prime Minister of Singapore

That's just the beginning of an impressive list of accomplishments that graduates of the Mid-Career Master in Public Administration (MC/MPA) Program and the Mason Program can point to.

As an MC/MPA graduate, you’ll join an impressive, global group of innovators and leaders in all sectors—public, nonprofit, and private.

You and your classmates will go on to become key players in nongovernmental organizations, military leaders, editors, district attorneys, central bank governors, chief executives, and senior-level government officials. You may also serve as heads of state, cabinet ministers, mayors, senators, members of Parliament and Congress, as well as state and local officials.

Regardless of your chosen career path, as an MC/MPA graduate you will lead innovation and change to make a profound impact as you address our world’s most complex challenges.

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Learn how our Office of Career Advancement can be a partner to you while you are an MC/MPA student and, later, as an HKS graduate like Lisa Fitzpatrick MC/MPA 2015, to support you along your unique career journey.