They have contributed outstanding scholarship in their fields. Have helped reduce nuclear stockpiles. Led efforts to address climate change. Drawn attention to human rights abuses. Assisted countries to emerge from poverty.

They are Harvard Kennedy School faculty members.

During your time at HKS, you will engage with faculty members who are among the most influential scholars and experts in their fields. They conduct rigorous research and lead an ever-expanding exchange of ideas with you and your cohort, in and outside the classroom.

They are also practitioners who shape public policy, advise governments, and develop entrepreneurial approaches to public problems at the local, national, and international levels.

MC/MPA Faculty Chair

Kessely Hong Photo

Kessely Hong

Senior Lecturer in Public Policy

Juliette Kayyem, the Belfer Lecturer in International Security and a former official in the federal Department of Homeland Security, reflects on the ways in which the landscape has changed.

How Technology Governs Us

Professor Sheila Jasanoff urges us to closely consider the ways technologies have come to govern our lives, and question if unbridled technological innovation is inherently a good thing, or if it’s worth taking a step back before we make the next giant leap.