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You are a motivated leader from a transitional economy or developing or newly industrialized country. You have a record of determination to advance positive growth and change in your country or region. You are looking for a career-building challenge.

The Mid-Career Master in Public Administration Edward S. Mason Program (Mason Program) is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

As a Mason Fellow, you’ll be part of a cohort within the intensive, year-long MC/MPA Program. The Mason Program will strengthen your ability to address some of the world’s most compelling challenges and tap your potential to pioneer solutions for emerging economies. The curriculum will sharpen your analytical and leadership skills and position you to take on even greater political, social, or economic challenges. You’ll learn from world-class faculty members as well as your accomplished peers in the Mason Program and the larger MC/MPA cohort.

With a range of backgrounds and experience, Mason Fellows are a diverse and impressive group. They come from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Eastern and Central Europe, as well as the former Eastern Bloc countries.

Most of all, Mason Fellows are passionately engaged in every aspect of economic, social, and political development.

Agnes Igoye MC/MPA 2017 is the loud, unwavering voice of the victims of trafficking. She has woven strands of her life—education, achievement, protection—together as she has become a national and even global figure in the fight against human trafficking

It all starts with intensive summer sessions.

You will begin the Mid-Career MPA Summer Program in July with all of your MC/MPA classmates.

The five-week experience is designed to develop your knowledge of applied economics, quantitative analysis, political institutions, and globalization. The subsequent—and specialized—Mason Fall Launch (MFL) builds on the orientation and skill-building of the Summer Program. The MFL is an intense in-group experience that provides additional time for you to explore development, democracy, governance, and growth more intensively from a Mason Fellow perspective. You’ll explore and collaborate with your classmates on ideas and issues more deeply and prepare for the academic year ahead.   

The two-semester curriculum that follows the Summer Program and MFL is largely determined by you. Mason Seminars will be held throughout these semesters to continue conversations from the summer.

Successful Mason Fellows graduate with a Master in Public Administration degree and are awarded the Mason Certificate in Public Policy and Management.