fbpx About Our Online Public Policy Courses | Harvard Kennedy School

Distinguished Scholars and Practitioners

The Public Leadership Credential (PLC) taps the expertise of Harvard Kennedy School faculty members, who develop and direct the coursework. Each six-week course was created to engage learners in an active and meaningful way through case-based teaching, simulations, and peer interaction.

"I expected to gain knowledge from the pedigree of the Harvard Kennedy School and its historical yield of global leaders. I was not disappointed."

Summer Hoeckel

Practical, Immediate Tools

A credential program designed for real-world application, the PLC program equips learners with the skills to make policy, solve public problems, and lead organizations and communities. Those who complete all six courses and wish to earn the credential must complete an online capstone assessment, which encompasses the content of all courses.

A Global Network of Peers

The PLC connects learners with like-minded peers through small-group work and other collaborative activities. Learners will benefit from the experiences and perspectives of other community leaders and changemakers while building connections that foster a lifetime of growth.