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The Public Leadership Credential is a reflection of Harvard Kennedy School’s commitment to improving public policy and leadership creating a safer, freer, more just, and more prosperous society. This online program, designed by renowned Harvard Kennedy School faculty, gives changemakers the skills and knowledge necessary to advance the public good and make an immediate impact in their communities. The credential gives learners a better understanding of the nexus of policy, ethics, and leadership, equipping them to become effective public changemakers.

Six Courses. Three Focus Areas. 

Our unique credential program consists of six six-week courses in three focus areas: Evidence for Decisions, Policy Design and Delivery, and Leadership and Ethics. Through learning modules, case studies, and structured group activities, you will develop critical thinking skills to impact communities and become an effective public leader.

Get Started

You will start with an “A” course in the focus area of your choosing, allowing you to prioritize your courses based on your preferences and professional needs. 

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Continue Your Learning

After completing your first course, you can either deepen your learning with the “B” course in the same focus area or enroll in an “A” course in another focus area.

Our courses build on each other, so you must complete the “A” course in a certain focus area before you can take the corresponding “B” course. 

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Bring Your Learning Together: Complete the Capstone

Once you have completed all six courses, you will have the opportunity to participate in online activities that demonstrate your learning across all courses, including synthesizing frameworks and tools and reviewing key learning assignments completed in the courses.

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Complete Your Credential

After completing all six courses, as well as the capstone, you will earn the Public Leadership Credential and have the skills you need to implement strategic and effective policy decisions in your community.

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