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Apply for Your Master's Degree at Harvard Kennedy School  

The Public Leadership Credential (PLC) not only gives you tangible strategies you can implement immediately, but it also provides a potential pathway to the Harvard Kennedy School Mid-Career Master’s Degree in Public Administration (MC/MPA). Should you be accepted into MC/MPA via the PLC pathway, your PLC credential counts for three of eight courses required in the MC/MPA program. This means you would complete the summer program then select either fall or spring term to complete the remaining five courses on campus. This path reduces the amount of time you would spend in person at the HKS campus in Cambridge, MA. The total tuition cost for the MC/MPA Program via the PLC pathway is less than it is in the traditional path. 

In order to be eligible for this path you must:

  • Earn the Public Leadership Credential prior to submitting your admission application.
  • Apply to the MC/MPA program during the admission cycle that immediately follows your capstone experience.

Explore the Harvard Extension School Pathway  

The PLC also provides eligibility to apply for a special pathway to Harvard Extension School’s Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies (Field: Government)