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Next deadline: Thursday, August 13

There are three types of courses offered in the Public Leadership Credential—in the areas of Evidence for Decisions, Leadership and Ethics, and Policy Design and Delivery—and each consists of an “A” and a “B” course. Learners have the opportunity to enroll in one or multiple courses as they see fit. Learners are welcome to take any A course they want, but learners must take an A course before they take the corresponding B course.

Fall 2020

Course Offerings Deadlines & Dates
A Courses Registration Deadline: Thursday, August 13
Orientation: August 27 – August 31
Course Run: September 1 – October 12
B Courses Registration Deadline: Thursday, October 15
Orientation: October 29 – November 2
Course Run: November 3 – December 14
Capstone Assessment Registration Deadline: Thursday, September 24
Course Run: September 29 - October 12


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