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Date and Location

April 29, 2024
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM ET
Wexner 434ab + Zoom


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​​Online content creators aren’t all just entertainers doing dances, skits and stunts. Some are doing important types of accountability work that used to primarily be the domain of journalists – whether it is filming the police or dissecting luxury handbags to determine quality. In this panel discussion, Investigative Journalist and Walter Shorenstein Media & Democracy fellow Julia Angwin interviews top online creators from YouTube and TikTok about the motivations and challenges of their work, and the lessons that we can all learn from them about how they build trust with their audiences.

Content Creators in attendance will include Meredith Lynch, Samuel Denby, Vokan Yilmaz (Tanner Leatherstein), Dr. Muhammad Siyab Panhwar (Dr. Siyab MD), Ernest Crim III, and Taylor Lorenz.​​

Speakers and Presenters

​Julia Angwin, Walter Shorenstein Media & Democracy Fellow, and panel of online content creators