fbpx Bridging Health, Housing, and Generations: What the US Might Learn from Germany’s Multigenerational Housing Initiative | Harvard Kennedy School
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April 14, 2023
12:15 PM - 1:15 PM ET


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Could intentional, multigenerational housing developments provide affordable and appropriate housing and services for both older adults and younger families and, in doing so, address growing concerns about isolation and loneliness? In 2009, the German national government decided to explore these opportunities by providing grants that, over the next six years, supported 30 innovative, multigenerational housing projects. In this talk, Jennifer Molinsky, Project Director of the Center's Housing an Aging Society Program, will discuss insights that emerged from “Bridging Health, Housing, and Generations: What the United States Might Learn from Germany’s Intentional Multigenerational Housing Demonstrations,“ a forthcoming HUD-funded report about the German program co-authored by Molinsky, Anne-Marie Brady, and Bailey Hu.

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​Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies