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Date and Location

November 9, 2021
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM ET
T-520 Nye B


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​The recent collapse of the Afghan Government was witnessed by a global audience as the U.S. and NATO forces evacuated their citizens and affiliated Afghan staff from the country.  The emergence of the Taliban likewise raises a number of important questions.  What were the forces that caused the rapid downfall of the Afghan government and the rise of the Taliban?  


In this study group, we will take a look at such broad questions.  We will also evaluate the economic situation in Afghanistan and consider different mechanisms to deal with the Taliban moving forward.  


The key conceptual questions include:


*What happened in Afghanistan that led to the rapid downfall of the government?  This will include an analysis of the peace process, regional interests, and domestic challenges

*How should the international community engage with the Taliban regime moving forward?

Session 5:

Now that the Taliban has re-established the Islamic Emirate, how should the international community engage with the Taliban?  What should be the key factors that we consider when determining such engagement?  This will include an analysis of potential economic and military engagements. Will be of interest to those who are interested in sanction issues and regional economic issues.


Registration and an HUID are required.


Speakers and Presenters

Ajmal Ahmady