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Date and Location

March 2, 2022
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM ET
T-520 Allison Dining Room


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​Fighting climate change has become the major priority of public policy in a great number of countries, and central banks have been called on to contribute. Some have shown an inclination to internalise climate change in their policy objectives and frameworks. Others are more reluctant.

 An essential distinction must be introduced from the start between the two responsibilities that central banks undertake in most countries: the supervision, regulation, and oversight of financial institutions’ activities; and the implementation of monetary policy.
In this study group, I will present a framework to think about the issue and identify some major trade-offs and choices.
For further information on the topic, please review my article:

In-person study group, open to those with a Harvard ID

Speakers and Presenters

Jean-Pierre Landau, M-RCBG Research Fellow & Economics Department, Sciences Po