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Date and Location

February 16, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM ET


Finding ‘Global Britain’: From political slogan to hard economic policy choices Photo

​With Britain now at a post-Brexit crossroads, how can the UK government turn Global Britain from a political slogan to an economic policy reality? In their latest paper on post-Brexit Britain, the authors identify five areas of choices for the UK government: trade, regulation, migration, “leveling up” and the UK’s global narrative.

Sajid Javid, Senior Fellow, M-RCBG
Camilla Cavendish, Senior Fellow, M-RCBG
Paul Tucker, Research Fellow, M-RCBG

Paper authors:
Ed Balls, Research Fellow, M-RCBG
Nyasha Weinberg, MPP 2015-2017
Jessica Redmond, MPP
Sechi Kailasa MPP
Tommaso Cariati, MPA

Presented in association with the British Caucus.

Speakers and Presenters

Sajid Javid, Senior Fellow, M-RCBG; Camilla Cavendish, Senior Fellow, M-RCBG; Paul Tucker, Research Fellow, M-RCBG, and Ed Balls, Research Fellow, M-RCBG


Additional Organizers

​British Caucus