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Date and Location

April 11, 2023
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM ET
T-520 Nye A


Former SEC Chairman Jay Clayton on "Regulation of Crypto: Is the U.S. on the Right Track?" Photo

​​The collapse of the crypto trading firm FTX and other crypto failures in 2022 have been followed by criminal prosecutions and enforcement actions against crypto firms. But many crypto enthusiasts complain that there is too much "regulation by enforcement," and that there is a need for "regulatory clarity" through development of specific, new rules for crypto. Others believe the recent failures—which have caused significant investor losses-- highlight the need for more aggressive enforcement of existing laws. Jay Clayton was chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission from 2016-2020, and, among other things, led the SEC's effort to crack down on internet coin offerings or ICOs. He also has been an advocate for accommodating truly stable "stablecoins" in our financial system. He will discuss whether the United States is taking the right actions and what needs to be done.

This hybrid event will occur in Taubman 520 NYE A. Registration is appreciated, but not required.

Speakers and Presenters

​Jay Clayton, Former Chairman, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission​