fbpx Growth Lab Research Seminar on Academic Science and Corporate Innovation | Harvard Kennedy School

Date and Location

January 30, 2023
10:15 AM - 11:30 AM EST
B-l-1 Weil Town Hall



Hybrid Seminar on Academic Science and Corporate Innovation featuring Seungryul Ryan Shin, Post-Doctoral Researcher at Cornell University.

Abstract:  This study examines how academic science shapes the dynamics of corporate innovation. An experiment that as-good-as-randomly exposes academic science to corporate inventors reveals that such exposure increases the corporate inventors’ science-based inventions as well as inventions using novel technological approaches. Furthermore, exposure to academic science increases the number of inventions on the extremes, i.e., inventions with no future impact and inventions that are highly impactful. The findings point to the role of academic science as a map in both scientific and technological search, albeit one whose guidance may lead to a dead-end or a promising destination.

For the online audience, the Zoom link to the registration page is: https://harvard.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_mnsIpErcQ9W94CL1EfyVIg

About the Speaker: Seungryul Ryan Shin is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Cornell University. His research interests lie in innovation from both aspects of management and economics. His recent work investigated the impact of high-skilled human capital on regional entrepreneurship, the role of patents filed by government scientists in the diffusion of government science, and how academic science shapes corporate innovation.


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