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Date and Location

February 21, 2024
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM ET
Wex 434 A/b


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​​The Growth Lab's Research Seminar series is a weekly seminar that brings together researchers from across the academic spectrum who share an interest in growth and development. 

Location: HYBRID WEXNER W-434 AB, HKS / Zoom 

Whether attending in person or virtually, please
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In this seminar, Jacob Moscona, Prize Fellow in Economics at Harvard University will present on his paper "Appropriate Entrepreneurship? The Rise of Chinese Venture Capital and the Developing World" with Josh Lerner, Junxi Liu & David Y. Yang

Paper Abstract: Global high-potential entrepreneurship was traditionally dominated by rich countries, especially the US, until the rise of China as a venture capital powerhouse. We explore the international ramifications of China’s rise, using comprehensive data on global venture activities. We document three sets of findings. First, as the Chinese venture industry rose in importance, investment increased substantially in other emerging markets, particularly in sectors dominated by Chinese companies. Using a broad set of country-level economic and social indicators, we show that this effect was driven by country-sector pairs most similar to their counterparts in China. Second, turning to mechanisms, we show that the increase in venture investments in emerging economies was spurred by local investors and new firms whose business models more closely resembled those of their Chinese counterparts. The findings are not driven by Chinese investors, by countries politically connected to China, or by sectors prioritized by the Chinese government. Third, we find that this growth in emerging-market investment had positive spillovers on sectors in which China was not a global leader and had positive city-level effects on both business formation and patenting. Taken together, our findings suggest that developing countries benefited from the rise of Chinese entrepreneurship, especially where Chinese businesses and technologies were most “appropriate” for local economic conditions.

Speakers and Presenters

​Jacob Moscona, Prize Fellow in Economics, History, and Politics at Harvar​d and a postdoctoral fellow at J-PAL at MIT.​


Additional Organizers

​Growth Lab