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Date and Location

November 1, 2023
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM ET
Hgse Gutman Conference Center, Appian Way


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​Gutman Conference Center, E4&E5 (basement-level)Harvard Graduate School of Education | 13 Appian Way, CambridgeRSVP here.

​With skepticism about the value of college degrees high, along with strong enthusiasm for alternative approaches that emphasize hiring based on skills rather than degrees, The Career Arts is intended as a guidebook and a reality-check: It underlines the strong evidence for the continued economic value of college. It explains how to select the most effective alternatives. It urges readers to embrace a “both/and” approach to broad and targeted skills instead of the false choice of “either/or”. It calls for renewed attention to building social capital as a key element of career success, particularly for students without many inherited advantages.

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Speakers and Presenters

  • Ben Wildavsky, Author

  • Bridget Terry Long, HGSE Dean 

  • David Deming,


Additional Organizers

​The Projec​t on Workforce at Harvard. Visit here to learn more: