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Date and Location

March 20, 2024
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM ET
Wex-102 Marc Heng And Family Conference Room


Making Your Voice Heard: Practical Tools for Creating a Podcast Photo

​​​​In person - Register HERE. ​

Podcasting is a fun and easy way to engage with your audience, have your voice heard, and establish your brand and authority. Podcasting hardware and software have gotten easier and cheaper to the point of being free — but you still need to know how to use them! This workshop covers basic recording hardware with a hands-on tutorial of editing actual podcast audio in Audacity (free). Laptops with Audacity pre-installed and headphones are required.​

Speakers and Presenters

​Ken Gagne, Technical Account Manager, Automattic​


Additional Organizers

​HKS Communications Program