fbpx Overcoming the Patriarchy: What We Can Learn From the Bonobo Species | Harvard Kennedy School
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Date and Location

April 24, 2023
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST
T-102 Wappp Cason Conference Room


Overcoming the Patriarchy: What We Can Learn From the Bonobo Species Photo

​The Women and Public Policy Program is pleased to host HLS Professor Diane Rosenfeld to discuss her new book. 

The Bonobo Sisterhood: Revolution Through Female Alliance, explores the power and potential of female alliances to disrupt patriarchal systems, looking at lessons learned from the bonobos, our closest primate relatives who share 98.7% of our DNA. Join us for a conversation about creating a society free of male sexual coercion. 

The first 15 participants will receive a free copy of the
Bonobo Sisterhood book. Lunch will be served. No registration is required. All are welcome.

Persons with disabilities who would like to request accommodations or have questions about physical access may contact Laura Botera at laura_botera@hks.harvard.edu or 617-384-7575 in advance of the program or visit.​

Diane L. Rosenfeld is the Founding Director of the Gender Violence Program and a Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School. She is the author of
The Bonobo Sisterhood: Revolution Through Female Alliance (HarperCollins 2022). Ms. Rosenfeld teaches courses on Title IX; Gender Violence, Law and Social Justice; Theories of Sexual Coercion; and Child Exploitation, Pornography, and the Internet. She also has taught many reading groups, including Feminist Utopias; The Bonobo Sisterhood; Feminist Jurisprudence and the Common Law; and Prostitution. In addition to teaching at Harvard Law School, Ms. Rosenfeld has taught several courses at Harvard College, including a seminar on Creating Cultures of Sexual Respect on Campus. Prior to teaching, she served as the first Senior Counsel in the Office on Violence Against Women at the United States Department of Justice and as an Executive Assistant Attorney General at the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. She earned an LL.M. at Harvard Law School, a J.D. at the University of Wisconsin, and a B.A. in Political Science from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Rosenfeld’s research areas include Title IX and campus sexual assault prevention and response; prevention of intimate partner homicide; and addressing commercial sexual exploitation of women and girls. Her current focus is creating a bonobo-inspired sisterhood among women to overcome patriarchal violence.

Agniola Ahouanmenou (moderator) is a dual MBA/MPA student at the Wharton School and the Harvard Kennedy School. A citizen of Benin and France, she grew up in Europe, Oceania, and North America. Agniola is passionate about government effectiveness in Africa and has spent her time in graduate school studying the theory and practice of organizational effectiveness in the public and private sector. After graduation, she will be joining McKinsey in Washington, D.C. Agniola is part of WAPPP’s from Harvard Square to the Oval Office 2023 cohort.