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Date and Location

March 20, 2024
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM ET
Wexner G-02


Programming + Pizza Photo

​Programming + Pizza is a
collaborative space for building computational research skills. Folks of
all experience levels are welcome to bring their questions, insights,
and projects. Our goal is to learn together (and also eat pizza). In
addition to your peers, your Research & Data Librarians will be
there to provide expert support.

At Programming + Pizza, you can get help:

  •     Writing and debugging your code
  •     Cleaning your data
  •     Implementing analytical methods
  •     Visualizing your data
  •     Creating maps and conducting spatial analysis in R

like to start off the evening with a “data icebreaker” for folks to get
warmed up. Whoever successfully solves the programming problem first
will win a small prize!

Accessibility: The HKS Library encourages individuals
with disabilities to participate in our events. If we can make learning
easier for you, please email or call 617-495-1300.