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Date and Location

September 14, 2023
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM ET
P-9 Malkin Penthouse


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​​​​In America’s Hidden Economic Engines, editors Bob Schwartz and Rachel Lipson spotlight community colleges as institutions uniquely equipped to foster more equitable economic growth across America’s regions. As Schwartz and Lipson show, these colleges are the best-placed institutions to reverse the decades-long rise in US economic inequality by race, class, and geography.

For this event, David Deming will moderate a conversation with Schwartz and Lipson on the findings from the book and why they believe community colleges are well-positioned to advance economic mobility​ in America. 

To learn more about the book, visit:

Note: We have changed room locations. This talk will now take place from 4-5pm ET in the Malkin Penthouse. 

Speakers and Presenters

​David Deming, Academic Dean and Professor of Public Policy at HKS

Bob Schwartz, Professor Emeritus of Practice in Education Policy and Administration at HGSE

Rachel Lipson, Founding Director of the Project on Workforce


Additional Organizers

​The Project on Workforce