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Date and Location

May 2, 2023
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET
B-200 Starr Auditorium


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Progress on climate action is moving, but not at the pace that's needed.  How comes that the international community – well aware of the risks that climate change provides – is not acting faster? Why are we lacking more projects that would move the needle, and save the planet and the people? Will the ongoing technologic advancements – such as green hydrogen – be game changing? We offer billions of climate finance, is it enough? Is money the issue to move on climate Action? 

Enjoy a provocative conversation on what works and what does not  with one of the leading women in climate finance.

Tanja leads governments and investors towards decarbonising their economies, transition and transform their energy systems. She does so by catalysing climate finance and forging unusual alliances. She is passionate about contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals and has a particular skill for creating green growth opportunities in the global south and in communities that have been historically disadvantaged.

She will share with us  some insights from her new book, which requests a disruption of the climate  finance order to  increase humanity's odds of survival.

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​Tanja Faller


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