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Date and Location

March 22, 2024
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET
R-414ab David T. Ellwood Democracy Lab


Reproductive Choice and Women's Agency in Developing Countries Photo

​​​​​​CID's Road to GEM24, cosponsored with the Women and Public Policy Program, will feature Nancy Birdsall​, founding president and current senior fellow at the Center for Global Development. She will speak on "Reproductive Choice and Women's Agency in Developing Countries​."​​

What combination of education, income, economic opportunities, and local social norms (the "reproductive choice ecosystem -- RCE") affects young women's apparent decisions (or failure to decide) about the timing of their first births in developing countries? Does the timing of first births reflect the level of women's "agency" in different societies? Does the RCE in which she lives in turn affect the timing of a woman's first births? How much do  social norms matter compared to other factors in the local RCE, and what are the implications for policy? How do countries rank on the RCE? 

Harvard students are invited to register for an in-person career roundtable with Nancy from 1:15-2:15PM in the Perkins Conference Room (R-429) after the talk.

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