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Date and Location

April 7, 2022
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM ET
B-503 (m-rcbg Conference Room)


RMB internationalization and a Multi-Polar International Monetary System Photo

Over the past two decades, China has risen to prominence as a global economic powerhouse. The WTO entry in 2001 has spurred China's rapid trade integration and resulted in a sea change in global supply chains. Despite its economic success and close trade ties with the rest of the world, China's financial integration is much more limited, reflecting capital account restrictions. In this context, the global use of China's currency, the Renminbi, is minimal. This study group will discuss recent RMB internationalization developments and their implications for the international monetary system.​

This in-person study group is open to anyone with a Harvard ID.

Speakers and Presenters

​Longmei Zhang, M-RCBG Senior Fellow