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Date and Location

October 25, 2023
4:15 PM - 5:45 PM ET
Ofer 401


Shining the spotlight on delivery of climate commitments Photo

​Urgent climate action is needed from  governments and all parts of society. There are a large number of commitments, pledges and initiatives ranging from ‘Nationally Determined Contributions’ (official country pledges) to multi-stakeholder coalitions focused on specific issues.  Although still collectively insufficient to meet our global goals, if delivered in full they could represent significant progress. 

But that’s a huge and critical ‘if’. How much do we know about whether those commitments are being delivered? Do we see what has happened to all the announcements made on shiny platforms? 
Real, practical, difficult work is underway across the globe: progress is being made, challenges are being encountered and many barriers still need to be overcome. These realities need to be better shared and understood - to learn lessons, to direct support, to course correct, and to build credibility. This study group will explore these different climate commitments (particularly by governments),  and get students’ views on the dynamics around the attention to commitments versus delivery, and what international focus, fora or formats might help us all be clearer on how far promises are being delivered. 

M-RCBG Senior Fellow Archie Young will be joined (remotely) by Andrea Guerrero García.

This study group / discussion is open to all. Registration is not necessary.
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Speakers and Presenters

​Archie Young, M-RCBG Senior Fellow

Andrea Guerrero García, Director of Field Innovation at the Growald Climate Fund