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Date and Location

October 5, 2020
12:15 PM - 1:30 PM ET


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An ethical
awakening has struck the tech industry in recent years, involving the emergence
of AI safety research centers and ethics boards across leading companies at
Silicon Valley, academia and politics. Recently, many of these initiatives have
focused on multi-stakeholder governance approaches to support the inclusion of
a wide range of voices, such as those from
developing nations, from different faith traditions, and from Indigenous communities. My talk
will explore the various processes of sense-making that continue to establish
the imaginary of ‘ethical AI’ across these sociocultural contexts. Recognizing
that this imaginary has always already been shaped by essentially contested
definitions of intelligence, a critical inquiry into recent multi-stakeholder
governance models allows to illuminate the shifting epistemic baselines that
increasingly conceal the industry’s continued search for meaning in a
technology in the making.

Speakers and Presenters

Andre Uhl is a
PhD candidate at Harvard University’s Visual Studies program working across art
and design theory, cultural anthropology, science and technology studies, and
the environmental humanities. His dissertation explores the ethics and
governance of Artificial Intelligence through the posthuman predicament of
climate change.  Andre currently serves as an executive member of the
Council on Extended Intelligence, a reviewer at the Technology and Public
Purpose Project at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, and
a fellow at the MIT Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values. He
was a research associate at the MIT Media Lab from 2016-19 and served as the
graduate co-chair of the Sustainable Peace Working Group at Harvard Divinity
School. Andre received his MA in New Media from Tokyo University of the Arts,
Japan, and his BA in East Asia Studies and Visual Studies from Free University
of Berlin, Germany. He is alumnus of the German National Academic Foundation
and the MEXT fellowship program of Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture,
Sports, Science and Technology.


Additional Organizers

​Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.