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Date and Location

October 22, 2019
4:30 PM - 5:45 PM
Winthrop Senior Common Room



Week 6: Organizing Around a New Narrative: Strategies for Shifting the Narrative and Building Political Power through Storytelling and Strategic Messaging
We are currently in an era where people are receiving information and developing political ideologies through non-vetted social media outlets, political soundbites, and opinion based news networks. Trump and white nationalist groups have effectively built a base of supporters by propagating false information, making up sensational conspiracies and theories based in fear and not fact. How are the progressives and conservatives using narrative as an organizing tool for building a populist movement? What are the distinctions and similarities? Through my organizing work with Black Voters Matter Fund I will share several effective strategies around shifting the narrative of voters in the South and Black voters that have proven to be both effective and transformative.

Guest: Tarana Burke (Founder, Me Too Movement and Civil Rights Activist)

Speakers and Presenters

​IOP Fall 2019 Resident Fellow LaTosha Brown (Co-Founder, Black Voters Matter Fund) and Tarana Burke (Founder, Me Too Movement and Civil Rights Activist)