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Date and Location

February 12, 2020
4:30 PM - 5:45 PM
L-163 Faculty Dining Room



Topic: The Republican Party Post Impeachment —What’s Next?Guest: Michael Steele (Chairman, Republican National Committee, 2009-2011; Lieutenant Governor, Maryland, 2003-2007)Description: During the impeachment trial, the Republican party circled the wagons for President Trump, ultimately leading to an acquittal in the Senate despite almost half the country in favor of removal according to several polls. However, over several election cycles, the Republican party electorate appears to be contracting not expanding. GOP elected officials are retiring in droves. Suburban voters are abandoning the party. It’s becoming older and whiter. Is this the Trump effect? Is it sustainable? Can the trend be reversed?IOP Resident Fellow Tara Setmayer is a CNN Political Commentator, ABC News Political Contributor and former GOP communications director on Capitol Hill.

Speakers and Presenters

IOP Resident Fellow Tara Setmayer (CNN, ABC Political Commentator and GOP Congressional Communications Director, 2006-2013) and Michael Steele (Former Chairman, Republican National Committee; Former Lieutenant Governor, Maryland, 2003-2007)​