fbpx Ukraine and the Changing Nature of Drone Warfare - HYBRID Intelligence Seminar (refreshments served in person) | Harvard Kennedy School
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Date and Location

October 20, 2022
10:00 AM - 11:15 AM EST
B-500 Bell Hall



​War in Ukraine has brought drone warfare to a new level and shown that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are now as much a part of warfare as rifles and artillery. Russia is now using Iranian-made suicide drones to attack Ukrainian cities and infrastructure, while Ukraine has made extensive use of drones for reconnaissance and to deliver munitions on Russian armor. From commercial drones that cost a few hundred dollars to highly specialized and versatile vehicles such as the Turkish Bayrakters, drones are changing the face of combat. They are also increasingly available to non-state actors, a trend reflected by the recent arrest in Norway of a Russia citizen suspected of using drones to reconnoiter offshore gas platforms and energy infrastructure. Given the rapid development of capabilities, steadily dropping cost, and wide proliferation, it is all but certain that drones will be used in all future conflicts and will be leveraged by non-state actors.Join the Intelligence Project for a timely discussion on drone use and drone defense with Bernard Hudson, fomer CIA Counterterrorism Center Chief, former Belfer Center Fellow, and current CEO of LookingGlass, a drone defense and software firm. The event will be moderated by Intelligence Project Director Paul Kolbe.This hybrid event is on the record and will be open to Harvard Kennedy School faculty, students, fellows, and staff in person, and to the public over Zoom. Registration is required. Refreshments will be available for in-person attendees.

Speakers and Presenters

​Bernard Hudson