fbpx Using Data Analytics to Inform Labour Market Models | Harvard Kennedy School
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Date and Location

September 13, 2019
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Wex-g02 Seminar Room


Using Data Analytics to Inform Labour Market Models Photo

ABOUT THE TALK In this talk, the highlights of an EPOD HKS-HRDF funded full project for simulating the effects of labor market policies in Saudi Arabia is presented. The project involved using data mining techniques on labour market data comprising of matches between employers (firms) and employees spanning a period of two years. The data was processed and used to configure an ecology of computational interacting actors, extract behavioral patterns of firms, and fine-tune the controllable parameters in order to build an agent-based model of labor interactions. The objective has been to use the model to simulate alternative market conditions, and their corresponding effects on a set of chosen variables of interest that can be used to inform policy design at the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in Saudi Arabia. An example application and future research directions will also be discussed. ABOUT THE SPEAKERS Dr Faiyaz Doctor is a Senior Lecturer and head of the Intelligent Connected Societies Group in the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at the University of Essex. He has over?15?years of experience working in industry and academia to develop novel Computational Intelligence (CI) solutions addressing real world problems resulting in high profile innovation awards and international patents.?He is currently principle investigator of a project for developing data drive CI techniques for simulating micro economic behaviors?in complex dynamic labor market systems funded through?Evidence for Policy Design at Harvard Kennedy School and the Human Resources Development Fund, Saudi Arabia.?He is additionally leading Innovate UK projects on the application of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things for developing cutting edge facilities management predictive maintenance solutions and applying machine learning techniques for online digital content summarization in partnership with UK based SMEs. He is also leading a project in association with the Newton Fund to develop urban flood prediction and monitoring solutions with partners in Malaysia and working with leading UK universities on an initiative with London Heathrow to explore sustainable future airport infrastructure requirements. He has previously also been a co-investigator on a Technology Strategy Board funded project on the self-learning car developing driver prediction models approaches in collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover Ltd. His research interests are in the area of CI with an emphasis on fuzzy logic, type-2 fuzzy logic, deep learning and hybrid systems where his research has been applied to ambient intelligence, pervasive and affective computing, industrial automation and biomedical systems. Dr Doctor has published over 70 papers in peer reviewed international journals, conferences and workshops and is currently a member of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society’s Emergent Technologies Technical Committee.Dr Diogo Alves is a Research Associate in the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at the University of Essex. He is currently involved on a project to develop data driven computational intelligence techniques for simulating micro economic behaviors in complex dynamic labour market systems funded through Evidence for Policy Design at Harvard Kennedy School and the Human Resources Development Fund, Saudi Arabia. While an economist by education, Dr Alves´s research interests and expertise range from Applied Mathematics, Operational Research where he has participated in the?funded project SearchCol - Metaheuristic Search by Column Generation (presented in the EURO 2012 conference ), Data Mining where he was a consultant in a Data Mining firm in Barcelona, to Complexity (especially Agent-Based Modelling and Chaos Theory), and Bio-Inspired Computing applied to the simulation of social processes. Lunch and drinks will be served!