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Date and Location

November 13, 2019
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM ET
T-102 Wappp Cason Conference Room


VENUE CHANGED TO WAPPP CASON, T-102.  Help, my country is in trouble! Structural reforms, bailouts and sovereign debt crises Photo

​We live in times of continuous and multi-faceted economic, political and social change. Potential pitfalls for policymakers trying to navigate these changes are ubiquitous. Public budgets are under strain as policymakers strive to continue delivering services to citizens, while demands for fairness and equity put the spotlight on how tax revenues are raised, and on how pension and social security systems can be both adequate for an older population and economically sustainable. 

What happens when your leaders fail to navigate these pitfalls and your country gets into trouble? Join Megan Greene (Senior Fellow, M-RCBG) and George Papaconstantinou (former Greek Finance Minister, professor at European University Institute) for a study group that looks at a brief history of sovereign debt crises, what to do when your economy gets into trouble and how to negotiate a bailout with creditors.
Both Megan and George have first-hand experience in these matters—Megan as a market participant during the euro crisis and George as a key negotiator of Greece’s first international bailout program. The two will weave in personal anecdotes throughout, and the study group will finish with a simulation of a negotiation.

Speakers and Presenters

Megan Greene, M-RCBG Senior Fellow ;  George Papaconstantinou, former Greek Finance Minister, professor at European University Institute