fbpx What’s Your Impact? Lean Impact Measurement for Social Ventures | Harvard Kennedy School
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Date and Location

February 28, 2019
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Wex-g02 Seminar Room


Measuring sustainability impact (social, environmental and economic value creation) is extremely difficult. Measuring it for new ventures or projects, with limited time and resources, makes this process even more difficult. This workshop provides an introduction to Lean Impact Measurement, a lean and repeatable process that you can use to consider the sustainability impact of business model decisions during the development of your venture. This hands-on workshop will help social innovators learn the framework and skills necessary to map your social venture’s relationship between actions / activities and positive social change. All are welcome and students working on new projects, or students who would like to identify their venture’s important impact area are encouraged to attend. The workshop will be run by Ingo Michelfelder, postdoctoral fellow at the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative.