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Date and Location

November 9, 2020
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM ET


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​GDP growth is the gold standard for economists and policymakers—most policies are aimed at maximizing it. Polls going into the recent US election showed that the number one issue influencing voter choice was the economy—measured by GDP growth. But why are we so maniacally focused on GDP growth?  The guy who invented it would no doubt be horrified by how we’ve slavishly sought to maximize it. We’ll look into the origins of GDP, how we measure it, and the many, many things that it fails to consider. We will also look at how we might do better with a host of alternatives. This is a particularly important discussion as inequality continues to grow—GDP ignores distribution entirely. In figuring out how to generate more inclusive growth, we might need to focus on something other than the old standard, GDP. 

Zoom meeting. Please register with your email address or contact susan_gill@hks.harvard.edu

Speakers and Presenters

Megan Greene, M-RCBG Senior Fellow