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Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education offers a suite of programs to meet the professional training needs of U.S. federal managers and their military, corporate, and international counterparts. Below is a grid to help you identify which of our programs align with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management qualifications and their associated core competencies.

Program Name Length Sample Titles Federal/Military Grades (or Equivalent) Leading Change Leading People Results Driven Business Acumen Building Coalitions
Art and Practice of Leadership Development 1 week Training Manager/Professor/Head of Human Resources/ Training Consultant GS-15/O-6 and above      
Behavioral Insights and Public Policy 1 week Policy Advisor/Chief of Staff/Senior Economist/Public Affairs Officer/Strategy Officer/Executive Director GS-14/O-5 and above        
Climate Change and Energy 1 week Program Management Specialist/Chief Executive Officer/Chief Operating Officer/Director/Attorney/Senior Policy Advisor GS-14/O-5 and above      
Climate Change Policy 1 week Government Officials/Senior Staff/Executives/Professionals in Financing GS-14/O-5 and above      
Comparative Tax Policy and Administration 10 days Treasurer/Controller/Finance Officer GS-13/O-4 and above        
Crisis Leadership in Higher Education 4 days Provost/Vice President/University Police Chief GS-15/O-6 and above    
Cybersecurity 1 week Generals/Chief Information Officer/Chief Information Security Officer/Chief Technology Officer/Policy Chief GS-15/O-6 and above  
Delivering Public Services: Efficiency, Equity, and Quality (Online) 2 weeks Director, Deputy Director, Program Officer, Manger, Chief of Operations, Commissioner GS-13/O-3 and above    
Driving Nonprofit Performance and Innovation 4 days Director/Executive Director/President/Chief Executive Officer      
Emerging Leaders 1 week Policy Assistant/Coordinator/Associate/Section Manager/ Analyst/Section Manager GS-12/O-3 and above    
Evidence for Equity 1 week Executives/Leaders/Senior Officials GS-14/O-5 and above    
Implementing Public Policy 7 months Policy Advisor/Chief of Staff/Senior Economist/Public Affairs Officer/Strategy Officer/Executive Director/Director/Manager GS-13/O-3 and above    
Infrastructure in a Market Economy 2 weeks Director/Partner/Chief Financial Officer/Commissioner/ Executive Director GS-14/O-5 and above      
Investment Decisions and Behavioral Finance 2 days Investment Company Presidents/Chief Investment Officers/Investment Strategists/Fund managers/Corporate Investors GS-14/O-5 and above    
Leadership and Character in Uncertain Times 5 weeks Managers/Policymakers GS-14/O-5 and above    
Leadership Decision Making 1 week Managers GS-15/O-6 and above    
Leadership for the 21st Century 1 week Managers GS-14/O-5 and above      
Leadership in Crises 6 days Chief of Police/Director of Emergency Management/Homeland Security Chief/Director of Field Operations/Program Chief GS-14/O-5 and above  
Leadership, Organizing and Action (Online) 15 weeks Executive Director/Union Leader/Manager/ Social Advocate GS-12/O-2 and above    
Leading Green Growth 1 week Policymakers/Industry Experts/Senior-Level Leaders/Clean Energy Investors/Economic Development Advisors/Bank Representatives GS-14/O-5 and above      
Leading in Artificial Intelligence 1 week Generals/Chief Information Officer/Chief Information Security Officer/Chief Technology Officer/Policy Chief GS-15/O-6 and above  
Leading Economic Growth 1 week International Economist/Director/Diplomat GS-14/O-5 and above        
Leading Smart Policy Design: A Multisectoral Approach to Economic Decisions 3 weeks Policy Advisor/Policy Chief/Executive Director/Deputy Director/Manager/Senior Economist/Public Affairs Office/Strategy Officer GS-13/O-3 and above      
Leading Successful Programs 1 week Managers/Head of Unit GS-14/O-5 and above      
Leading Through Changing Media Landscape 2 weeks Senior Leaders/Executive Directors/Military leaders GS-14/O-5 and above    
Negotiation Strategies: Building Agreement Across Boundaries (Online) 1 week Chief Executive Officer/Chief Operations Officer/Chief Information Officer/Diplomat/Head of Sector/Deputy Director/ Public Relations Officer/Trade Policy Advisor/Deputy Commissioner GS-14/O-5 and above        
Nonprofit Financial Stewardship 5 weeks Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director/General Manager GS-13/O-3 and above        
Nonprofit Management and Leadership: Strategies for Organizational Success 8 weeks Executive Directors/Managers/Social Entrepreneurs/NGO Leaders GS-14/O-5 and above    
Persuasive Communication: Narrative, Evidence, and Impact (Online) 3 weeks Head of Communications / Communications Director / Public Relations Specialist / Public Information Officer GS-13/O-3 and above  
Promoting Racial Equity in the Workplace (Online) 1 week Chief of Police/Head of Human Resources/ University President/ Diversity Officers/Training Officer GS-12/O-2 and above      
Public Narrative: Leadership, Storytelling, and Action (Online) 15 weeks Executive Director/ Chief Communications Officer / Engagement Manager GS-12/O-2 and above      
Senior Executive Fellows 4 weeks Director/Branch Chief/Vice President/National Program Manager/Section Chief/Associate Chief Learning Officer/ Assistant Regional Director/Deputy Division Chief GS-14/15 and O-5/O-16
Senior Executives in National and International Security 2 weeks Assistant/Under Secretary; Commanding General/Ambassador/ Head of Diplomatic Mission/Superintendent SES/O-7 and above    
Senior Managers in Government 2 weeks Ambassador/Commander/Division Chief/ Deputy Assistant Secretary SES/O-7 and above  
Strategic Fundraising for Nonprofit Leaders 1 week Chief Executive Officer/Advancement Officer/Alumni Relations Officer/Board Members GS-14/O-5 and above    
Strategic Leadership: Enhancing Your Personal Effectiveness 1 week Manager / Director / Branch Chief / Deputy Director / Chief of Staff GS-14/O-5 and above    
Strategic Management of Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies 1 week Unit Head/Special Advisor/Deputy Director/Assistant Director GS-14/O-5 and above        
Strategies for Building and Leading Diverse Organizations 1 week Chief of Police/Head of Human Resources/ University President/ Diversity Officers/Training Officer GS-12/O-2 and above      
Trade Policy for Today's World 2 weeks Minister of Finance or Trade/Trade Attorney/Diplomat/Policy Officer GS-15/0-6 and above    
Women and Power 1 week Director/Division Chief/Deputy Chief/Unit Head/Manager GS-14/O-5 and above      

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