Library & Research Services’ collections support the HKS mission, enabling and sharing our community’s scholarship. We collaborate with community members to create, grow, and improve our collections.

Support: LRS will strive to meet the research and curriculum needs of HKS through communication and partnerships with faculty, students, fellows, and staff.

Inclusion: LRS will work to foster inclusion among members of the community and actively engage in conversations to provide resources that meet the community’s continually changing and diverse needs.

Adaptability: LRS will maintain awareness of the current and upcoming subject interests of HKS and be flexible and creative about providing access to materials in a variety of formats.

LRS accepts donations of digital and physical items to our collection on a limited basis when they are compatible with the Library's collecting philosophy and enhance or complete its selection effort. LRS reserves the right to limit such gifts to those which are substantially beneficial and are cost-effective to receive, catalog, process, maintain, and preserve. LRS assumes ownership of all donations and reserves the right to add donated materials to its collections or discard them as appropriate. Contact LRS with your donation-related inquiries.

At HKS, our scholarship is interdisciplinary and our community is diverse. LRS reflects these qualities by collecting in a broad range of subjects, including but not exclusive to HKS Policy Topics

Below, you can browse our general collection of books, journals, and databases. You can also explore our several special collections. Current HKS community members can visit us in Knet for details on accessing collection materials.


HKS faculty disseminate their research in publications that contribute to public knowledge and fuel policy innovation.


The DIB Collection represents the many identities and backgrounds in our vibrant HKS community.


Behind the Book is a video storytelling series that dives into books authored by HKS faculty.


The Political Buttons at HKS Collection features 1,600+ buttons that represent U.S. political history from 1904 through today.


DASH is Harvard's central open-access repository. It hosts scholarly work by HKS affiliates including faculty, center staff, and students.


Archive-It preserves the websites of HKS centers, student publications, and the HKS magazine.


HKS student journal showcases student work on a variety of policy areas. LRS has digitized all available past issues of retired journals.

Keely Wilczek headshot

Keely Wilczek, Manager of Collections & Library Services



Keely has almost thirty years of experience in libraries, academic and public, including more than a decade at HKS. She oversees all aspects of LRS’ collections, both print and digital, and is the point of contact for use of library spaces and requests for new library services. Keely collaborates closely with HKS IT, the Office of Career Advancement, the Communications Program, Harvard Library, and library staff at Harvard’s other professional schools to provide patrons with expertise, services, and resources across HKS and beyond. She has an AB in Classics from Kenyon College and a MLIS from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.