Library & Research Services supports HKS research through expert data services. We support all stages of the research data lifecycle including acquisition, analysis, visualization, and dissemination. We are also leaders in data management and data safety.

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Data Resources for HKS Affiliates

Our data research guide will help you:

  • Find data
  • Locate computing resources at Harvard
  • Conduct statistical analysis with R and Stata
  • Conduct spatial analysis with GIS
  • Create data visualizations
  • Manage your data responsibly

The Carpentries teaches foundational coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide. Every semester, the HKS Library hosts a two-day, beginner-friendly Carpentries workshop on tools like R, Excel, OpenRefine, and Git.

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Data + Donuts is a speaker series that invites researchers and practitioners to present on how they use data in their work and facilitate critical conversations on issues of data and society. We host these every few weeks during the academic year - donuts always included! Find our full list of past speakers below. Video recordings and slides are available upon request.

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Programming + Pizza is a collaborative space for building computational research skills. Folks of all experience levels are welcome to bring their questions, insights, and projects. Our goal is to learn together (and also eat pizza). In addition to peers, Research & Data Librarians are there to provide expert support.

Some P+P events have featured a workshop or presentation. Find a full list of past presenters below.

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Spring 2024

  • Ceilyn Boyd, Dataverse Development Project Manager at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS) at Harvard University, on the Slavery, Abolition, Emancipation, and Freedom (SAEF) Data Collection.
  • R User Group at the Harvard Data Science Initiative hosting R lightning talks. View the full event on YouTube, including talks by: 
    • Andrew Ghazi, Statistical Geneticist at the Center for Computational Biomedicine at Harvard Medical School, on an NHANES+Stan Docker image.
    • Sam Kuhn, Economist at Appcast, on how to save hours of time with parameterized Quarto reports.
    • Sarah Hirsch, Research Analyst at Stanford Department of Public Health, on using regex in R for efficient programming.
    • Robert Sucsy, Epidemiologist at the Rhode Island Department of Health, on using ggplot2 and tidycensus to create choropleth maps of census data.
  • Jessica Lasky-Fink, Research Director at The People Lab (Bloomberg Center for Cities at Harvard University), on using insights from behavioral science to improve government service delivery.
  • Shira Zilberstein, PhD Candidate in Sociology at Harvard University, on the process of creating machine learning models for healthcare and the organizational tensions influencing the process.

Fall 2023

Spring 2023

Fall 2022

  • HKS Growth Lab Development & Design Team (Annie White, Steven Geofrey, Brendan Leonard, and Nil Tuzcu) on visualizing economic data with Metroverse and the Atlas of Economic Complexity.
  • Courtney Hall, former Director for Impact Assessment and Evaluation at the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative at the Bloomberg Center for Cities, on maximizing imperfect data for decision-making.
  • Reva Dhingra, Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Foreign Policy program at the Brookings Institution, on how quantitative and qualitative methods complement each other in her research on the politics of refugee-related aid in Jordan.
  • Victoria Asbury, cultural sociologist and PhD candidate in Sociology at Harvard, on experimental and survey approaches for understanding the structures of American hierarchy.
  • HKS Library Research & Data Services Team (James Adams, James Capobianco, & Megan Potterbusch) on using the HKS Library for data-driven & computational research.
  • Whitney Airgood-Obrycki (Senior Research Associate) and Sophia Wedeen (Research Analyst), Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, on rental market trends during the COVID-19 pandemic. More on Whitney and Sophias work:

Spring 2022

Fall 2021

  • Whitney Battle-Baptiste (Professor of Anthropology and Director of the W.E.B. Du Bois Center at UMass Amherst) and Britt Rusert (Associate Professor in the W.E.B. Du Bois Department of Afro-American Studies at UMass Amherst) on their co-edited book W.E.B. Du Boiss Data Portraits: Visualizing Black America (2018, Princeton Architectural Press).
  • Tugba Bozcaga, Fellow with the Middle East Initiative at HKS, on innovative research methods for the political economy of development.
  • Annette Zimmermann, Technology & Human Rights Fellow with the Carr Center at HKS and political philosopher at the University of York, on The Power of Choosing Not to Build: Justice, Non-Deployment, and the Purpose of AI Optimization.”

Spring 2021

  • Charles Amuzie, Digital Director at Color of Change, on CoCs data equity work around the 2020 Census and beyond.
  • Robyn Hillman-Harrigan, Racial Justice Research & Program Manager at UCLAs Center for Critical Internet Inquiry and Critical Data & AI Equity Director at Feminist.AI, on data science for intersectional economic equity.
  • Rachel Ludeke, LMSW, PhD Candidate & Adjunct Professor at NYUs Silver School of Social Work, on using qualitative methods to amplify the narrative voices of marginalized youth in the foster care system.

Fall 2020

  • Melissa Jones, member of the Coronavirus Visualization Team at Harvard, on data visualization of socioeconomic and health disparities within marginalized communities during COVID-19.
  • Moses Karanja, PhD Candidate in Political Science at University of Toronto, on digital identification data in Africa and its encounters with global finance practices.
  • Khahlil Louisy, President of the Institute for Technology & Global Health and Technology & Human Rights Fellow at the Carr Center at HKS, on data-informed COVID policy design regarding the pandemics disproportionate impact on marginalized communities.
  • Sabelo Mhlambi, Fellow at the Berkman-Klein Center and Technology & Human Rights Fellow at HKS' Carr Center, on using indigenous ethical models to create an equitable internet.
  • Jennifer Pierre, UX Researcher and PhD, on data-centered participatory research design and epistemic burden.

Spring 2020

  • Gabby Lim, Researcher at the Shorenstein Centers Technology & Social Change (TaSC) Project, on using data to study information controls.
  • Jennifer Weintraub and Pablo Morales Henry, #MeToo Project team at Schlesinger Library, on archiving social media & movement data.

Fall 2019

  • Steph Nguyen, Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab, on data literacy and privacy.
  • Alessandra Seiter, Community Engagement Librarian at HKS Library & Research Services, on smart cities and participatory planning.
  • Matt Smith, Principal Data Scientist with the City of Boston, on civic data.
  • Annie White, Senior Product Manager at the Harvard Growth Lab, on using data to inform sustainable economic development.

Spring 2019

  • Nasser Eledroos, Technology Fellow with the ACLU of Massachusetts, on data-driven advocacy.
  • L. Kelly Fitzpatrick, Open Access and Digital Collections Specialist, on Harvard Library Innovation Lab's Caselaw Access Project.
  • Padmashree Gehl Sampath and Paola Ricaurte, with the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, on reclaiming the data commons.
  • Daniel Scarnecchia, Researcher with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative's Signal Program, on open data, surveillance, and humanitarian aid.

Fall 2018

  • Yaso Cordova, digital HKS Research Fellow.
  • Di Luong, Media Mobilizing Project, on data and algorithmic justice.
  • Momin M. Malik, Data Science Postdoctoral Fellow.
  • Richard Pope, digital HKS Research Fellow.
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